Carving seminar in York, Pa

On June 28 and 29 2013 I will be back at the Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe to teach a carving seminar. From the class description: “The class will provide instruction in learning from the tool, with the goal of gaining an understanding of how simple cuts can provide endless variety. We will gain facility in the handling of carving tools through repeated exercises that build confidence in a carvers ability to handle any design challenges that arise. Learn how to layout and produce repeating motifs used in both architectural and furniture carving – bead and reel, ribbon and flower, gadrooning, and variations of egg and dart. In addition we will examine techniques and execute low-relief and intaglio carving with the purpose of creating the flowing freedom of hand required in ornamental carving.”


Architectural carving, base moulding, English, c. 1755


Tea table, Philadelphia, 1765-1775


Reproduction moulding samples from Mount Pleasant, Philadelphia, built 1763-1765


Gadrooning, the David Rittenhouse Orrery case, John Fowell and Parnell Gibbs, Philadelphia, 1772


Side chair, Philadelphia, 1765-1775

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