Mount Pleasant Closed

The 250th anniversary of the completion of the construction of Mount Pleasant in 2015 turned out not to be auspicious. Previously open for tours the entire year, these days Mount Pleasant closes in January and reopens for tours of the interiors April 1st. This year that will not happen. According to the Philadelphia Museum of Art website Mount Pleasant will be closed for the foreseeable future with no planned date for a reopening. A systems failure in December will need to be assessed and a plan for repair determined. This spring, it will still be worthwhile to visit the site if you are in the area. There is much to think about and discover walking the site, too often we move into the house without contemplating the exteriors of the buildings and their placement in the landscape. Thomas Nevell left nothing to chance and the structures and their relationships to each other are well supplied with subtle hierarchies. Historic houses nearby will be open for tours, Lemon Hill, Laurel Hill, Woodford so you can make a day of it.

Because of the closing I will begin uploading my images that document the exteriors and interiors of Mount Pleasant made 2009-2010 when Mount Pleasant was largely unfurnished. In a nod the current weather conditions, a few images made during the last “storm of the century”.

snow at east

snow west

snow scene


And better days.



6 thoughts on “Mount Pleasant Closed

    • There hasn’t been an official announcement made, just the fact that it is closed without an opening date set. The current HVAC system was installed in 1975 and has been difficult to maintain in recent years. The process for determining the best way to proceed is under way.

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