“Cr: David Ainsworth

back front

for a Frontish Piece Door in the Back front of Cap. McPhersons House towards Schoulkill @ 25 pounds.”

On March 30, 1764 another of Thomas Nevell’s skilled journeyman, David Ainsworth, was credited 25 pounds for creating the “Back front” frontispiece at Mount Pleasant. His work had been measured by two leading Carpenters Company members, Robert Smith and John Thornhill. On the same day Nevell paid Ainsworth 25 pounds in cash. Ainsworth was paid “according to his trouble”, not his day rate of 5 shillings.

On May 16th, 1764 Nevell debited Macpherson 35 pounds for Ainsworth’s back frontispiece (on the same day also debiting Macpherson for John Guys front frontispiece and the “Venetian Windows” over them built by yet two other of Nevell’s journeymen) adding his usual surcharge of a little under 40 percent.

 debit for window and doors copy

Back 1926

Mount Pleasant Back Front, 1926

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