Fakes and Forgeries

I was pleased to be asked to speak at the Foundation for Appraisal Education annual conference this weekend at Freeman’s. This years theme is fakes and forgeries in the art market. It’s an impressive line-up of speakers with at least three of us dealing with the furniture trade.


Recently scams have rocked the art world and the big money involved has has created a situation rare in the trade – complaints were brought and individuals went on trial.

The conference is only open to professional appraisers who gain credit for attending. I believe this seminar could sell out multiple times if open to the public. It’s rare for institutions to take on this topic though there have been museum exhibitions dedicated to fakes in the past. Bravo to Freeman’s for taking this on for for all of the speakers for agreeing to tell their stories and discuss the issues in public.


gentle art

Cescinsky’s The Gentle Art of Faking Furniture, 1931.


Armand LaMontange’s famous Great chair fake at the Henry Ford Museum.


The typical reaction of dealers and decorators when fakes and frauds are discovered in the marketplace – “I’m shocked, shocked, that there are fakes going on here.” Don’t let that be you!

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