Spice box sells

Update, the spice box has sold at Freeman’s for $21,250. Well above the $4,000 – 6,000 estimate. No doubt the Freeman’s cataloger was surprised.

I’m sure an “old” door will be promptly found, but what exactly should it look like?


lot 24

5 thoughts on “Spice box sells

  1. This summer I saw the one the Naomi Wood Foundation purchased at the Philadelphia Antiques Show in April if that’s the one you refer to. That box is also on ball feet but the door is inlaid with a “compass inlay” pattern with a herringbone border and center circle that commonly associated with several communities in Chester County. and would date some time after 1740. It’s currently – or was when I saw it – on a demi-lune card table in the parlor. Am I forgetting another on the second story?

  2. Chris, did you see the fragment of herringbone inlay that was trapped under one of the cedar strips behind the cornice molding? I took a photo if you’d like to see it.

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