The Dominy Craftsmen of East Hampton

Winterthur Museum in Delaware has an online digital collection database. Click here to access it. In the tab “Tools” you’ll find many of the Dominy family woodworking tools illustrated in Charles Hummel’s “With Hammer in Hand: The Dominy Craftsmen of East Hampton, New York”, Charlottesville, 1968. Even if you own Hummel’s book, the new color images, with multiple views of objects, are a wonderful resource. There are also many tools in the collection not made or owned by the Dominey’s. You can search in the “Tool” tab. Try “Plane” or “Lathe”. Further information about the Dominy family can be found in the University of Wisconsin – Madison Digital Collection. Click here. All photos from the Winterthur website.

1957-0026-001_and_1957-0093-081_and_082_and_1959-0158-001_view11957-0026-001_and_1957-0093-081_and_082_and_1959-0158-001_view31959.0158.001 A-C Jointer Plane1959.0158.001 mark 11957.0093.073 side 11957.0093.073 heel1957.0026.370 Lathe, Side View1957.0026.370 arbor and cross detail 21957.0026.612 A-F Full 11957.0026.612 A-F Top 31957.0026.326 View 21957.0026.024 side 2

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