Dressing Table Resurfaces

I wrote several posts about a 1993 restoration of a dressing table for a client after the table was sold at auction. The posts can be found below. 29 years later it will be sold, again at Sotheby’s, New York in January 2022.

The dressing table in storage at Sotheby’s earlier this year. I haven’t laid eyes on it in 28 years. Looking forward to now having a nice after-treatment photograph of it in January.

5 thoughts on “Dressing Table Resurfaces

  1. Terrific article. Please follow the auction sale with a future posing to ‘see how she does’ at the sale. Thank you.
    Chris Yeager

  2. WOW! Very Impressive restoration, I’ll be following it as well at auction.
    Where did you have the brass pulls recreated, Optimum in the UK or somewhere here in the States?

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