John Head his Book of Accounts

In advance of the book launch tonight at the American Philosophical Society, the APS has finalized the John Head’s account book digitization project.  It is now available for all to view online.  We can’t thank the APS enough for their effort.

More news is that the APS will be live streaming the event tonight beginning at 6:00 pm EST.  Scroll down in the link.


To quote Joe Pantoliano playing Perry Parker, “That’s too momentous!”

2 thoughts on “John Head his Book of Accounts

  1. Chris, Thanks for doing this. I did not want to steal Patrick Spero’s thunder by announcing it ahead of his introduction, but assume you found out that the digitized version link was okay to release.

    485 signed up for the talk as of this morning. Suggest you come early to get a good seat.



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