Windgate ITE Residency Program

I am excited to tell you I will be a Windgate ITE Resident Fellow at the Center for Art In Wood this summer. I look forward to joining fellows James Maurelle, Janice Smith, Kailee Bosch, Katie Hudnall, and D. Wood June 13 through August 5, 2022. We will be working at NextFab North. There will be an open studio day July 9 and an exhibition at the Center for Art In Wood from August 5 through October 16 of work produced during the residency. 

The residency was established in 1995. In recent years, fellows worked in the University of the Arts woodshop. There were no residencies in 2020 and 2021. This will be the first year the fellows will be at the recently opened NextFab North. NextFab “is a network of membership-based makerspaces that provide access to tools, technology, education, events, and services for makers of any skill level.”

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