The Windgate Wood Arts Residency Program 2022 is winding down. Installation of our exhibition begins next week and the opening reception – free and open to the public – happens Friday, August 5, 5:30-8 PM. Of interest to those who have followed the previously named Windgate ITE (International Turning Exchange) over the last 25 years, the residency program has a new name, reflecting the broader scope of work produced by the fellows. For many years, the exhibition at the end of the residency was titled “allTURNatives: Form + Spirit.” But this year, in addition to the change of the residency name, our group had the opportunity to title our exhibition. Several ideas were put on the table but we quickly agreed on Overlap, reflecting the wide range of approaches to our work as described in the exhibition announcement above.

It has been a wonderful experience, particularly in getting to and gaining life-long relationships with my fellow woodworkers James, Janice, Kailee, Katie, and D. While I may not see Katie or Kailee again until we gather to take down the exhibition at the end of October, both James and Janice live and work here in Philly. How great is that?

In addition to work produced during the summer residency, we were asked to included several objects made previously. Look for either Janice or me to have the oldest object on view!

Here are some images made by me, Katie, and NextFab over the past 8 weeks:

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