NextFab Second Thursday

Our fellowship will be participating in the Second Thursday open house tomorrow, July 14, from 6 – 8pm, at NextFab, 1800 N. American St in North Philly. “Join NextFab for Second Thursdays! Once a month, NextFab, Crane Arts Building, and The Clay Studio provide the public with the opportunity to view new galleries and creative spaces, and connect with the artists and makers of Philadelphia. See art, get inspired, and even have a delicious dinner as you visit the NextFab 1800 North American building! You can even take a tour of NextFab spaces and studios.”

Time is flying by at the residency and we’re just past the half way mark. One day last week we toured George Nakashima Woodworkers with Mira Nakashima in the morning, and after a lunch in New Hope, visited with Mark Sfirri at his shop and home in the afternoon. Our documentarian Katie Hudnall has been blogging about our activities and projects, check it out here to keep up to date with what we’ve been up to.

Here is an assortment of images by me, Katie, and NextFab made over there last four weeks.

Mira Nakashima and fellows in the cavernous wood storage.
Nakashima wood storage.
Burls in the Nakashima wood storage.
Part of George Nakashima’s folk art collection.
The fellows at Mark Sfirri’s studio.
Mark Sfirri’s Oneway lathe. There is also. Robust lathe in the studio.
Several of us are using both hot hide glue and Old Brown Glue made and sold by W. Patrick Edwards.
Janice could not have glued up these tapered stave studies without the high tack qualities of hot hide glue that let her use rub joints without a complex calming system.
Katie’s image of my workspace with a few completed projects.
Demonstrating my fore plane for NextFab’s “social media wizard,” Gwen Barker. Gwen was game to try it out and used a plane for the first time.
Discussing sharpening techniques with James Maurelle.
Kailee Bosch at work on bronze castings.
Kailee turning on the Center for Art in Wood’s Oneway lathe set up at NextFab.
One of Kailee’s maquettes.
Katie Hudnall’s carvings.
Katie’s sketches a container of residency memories.
My latest project begins.
Smiling faces carved out of resawn Sitka spruce.
Glued up with Old Brown glue and shaped.

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